Hastings Chrysler Center: Tips to Obtain Hauling Perfection

We have noticed that truck drivers in the Hastings, MN area, utilize their trailer hitch to haul heavy objects more often than not. We know many drivers practice safe hauling, but sometimes it is best to go over some important tips, especially for drivers with "like new" trucks. To make sure that drivers are hauling correctly, Hastings Chrysler Center has got you covered!

Follow these tips below:

One: Understand your truck's gross combined weight rating (GCWR). GCWR is the total amount of weight your vehicle can carry. This includes passengers, objects in the trailer and bed. This information should be easily located in your owner's manual.

Two: This tip is not to be brushed off. It is imperative that you purchase the correct hitch. You can assure that you have the right hitch by making sure you have the right size to complete an exact fit. When your trailer is successfully hooked up, please ensure the hitch is level with the trailer. You may also want to consider grabbing safety chains as an extra precaution.

Three: Make sure you know your electronic breaks like you know your social security number. It is typical to find them on newer, but some still do not. If you find you don't have electronic breaks, it is important that you purchase some. When you are on your search, make sure you are purchasing ones that will not only demonstrate a high level of quality, but will last.

Four: We are sure you drive with extra caution every day, but we feel it is still important to address. You have to remember that you are driving with a lot of added weight. Because of this it is best to remember that it will take longer to come to a complete stop when you apply the brakes and to keep your distance.

Five: Going reverse is a lot different in a trailer. Be aware of the space you have and keep in mind that it is best to have your hands at the bottom of the steering wheel, cranking in the direction you want to go can be helpful.

If you have any questions regarding these hauling tips, or used cars feel free to contact Hastings Chrysler Center today.

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