10 Good Reasons to Love American Cars via British Car Website

It comes as no surprise to our drivers at Hastings Chrysler Center that automobiles are a major part of our American fabric. However, with life happening around us, this isn't something we typically keep on the forefront of our minds…well we do, but that's what we live for. To remind our driver in the Hastings area sometimes it's nice to get a different view; this time from a British auto website.

"10 Reasons Why Europe Should Love American Cars.", was recently posted in Car Throttle. And, of course we have yet to find anything that we disagree with. With that said, we'd like to point out some of the words that shined to us most.

We felt some were pretty obvious: U.S.-made rides are comfortable, reliable, can tackle lots of different terrain, and emit an engine roar that lets you know you're taking a trip to Freedom City, USA, population, you.

Thanks to the production of powerful V8 engines that derived out of the classic muscle car era. "There's no replacement for displacement.", as they'd like to say. What's nice is that now you can find vehicles that pump out all the horsepower you dream of while remaining efficient.

Another reason we can't help but mention is the idea of creating the social driving experience. Road trips have created memories that last a life time for most of us though many breath-taking views. Typically, when we remember something like that we always think about what car we were driving.

To view the list in its entirety, visit http://www.carthrottle.com/10-reasons-why-europe-should-love-american-cars/.  When you've finished reading, come by and see us at Hastings Chrysler Center in Hastings, MN. We'd love to show your our used car lineup we have here in our showroom while continuing the discussion!

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